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“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; APART FROM ME, YOU CAN DO NOTHING." John 15:5

Time to Slow Down May 24, 2011

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Sure, this isn’t a character quality.  But it is the truth.  Yesterday, I attended my son’s 1st grade awards program at school and today, I attended my daughter’s Kindergarten Graduation.  Next year, we will sit in those very seats to watch our youngest in that same position about to become a 1st grader.  Time is flying by!

But truth be told, don’t we often wish for time to speed up?  We do, we don’t like to admit it, but we do.  I admit that when my children were babies, I couldn’t wait to feed them their first “solid” food. I couldn’t wait to hear their first words, hear what their voices would actually sound like.  We get excited to see them crawl, walk, make friends, go to school…And then we’re like “WAIT!  Wasn’t I just feeding you your first solid food?”  Sure, we get excited about these milestones because they are evidence that our children are progressing normally and are actually becoming who we hoped they’d be when we the pregnancy test was positive.  But, when we allow ourselves the deep emotion that comes along with things like first days of school and then watching them progress from grade to grade, going to their first over-nights away from home, we shed a tear!  And we should.  As well as patting ourselves on the back for making it this far.  So, in reality, I do have moments feeling like I wish time would slow down, but most days, I am happy to see them come, make the most of them and then wake up praising God for another day.  There’s something productive about the idea of looking ahead wondering what we’ll be saying when we are preparing for our children’s proms and graduation parties.  Let us be mindful of the way we spend our days now while our children are formidable and interested in our opinions and our teaching.

Proverbs 22:6 says, Start children off on the way they should go,
and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

Let us be mindful of the “way they should go”.


Confidence May 22, 2011

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Today, I am desperate for confidence.  As the summer approaches, I find myself battling every day between the need to be liked and accepted and the confidence to stand my ground.  I thought that this battle ended after becoming a grown-up!

As Christians, we are called to be different.  And unfortunately, being different sometimes translates into being judged or not liked as well.  I hate this reality and it’s something that I deal with all the time.  And I’m not suggesting that I am as “different” as I should be most of the time.  And the truth of it is that often the need to be liked trumps my confidence to be different.  Is it better to surround ourselves with like minded people so that we don’t have feel the ache of being “in the world” as much?  I don’t necessarily think so, but it’s safe to say that I am more comfortable doing that.  When I became a parent, I had a set of ideals that were lofty to say the least.  It wasn’t long before I realized that that’s just what they were, ideals.  Reality was that sometimes life just happens and ideals get thrown out the window and replaced with the whatever the next best thing is.  I get that.  I live that!  But it also wasn’t long before I realized that sometimes my next best thing is a far cry from other parents normal way.  Not everyone parent’s the same and that’s okay.  It is my responsibility to believe that it’s okay and to live that out.  But it’s also my responsibility to raise my children according to God’s Word and the leading that the Holy Spirit gives to me.  To paraphrase author/speaker Angela Thomas,” I want my children to be so used to being surrounded by the Holy Spirit that when they find themselves outside the Holy Spirit, they are very uncomfortable.”  Sometimes, that means saying “no” to the popular thing.  But in the spirit of protecting them, I will say “no” and do my best to help them understand.  As a mother, it demands a lot of confidence.  Of this I am sure!


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