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“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; APART FROM ME, YOU CAN DO NOTHING." John 15:5

Pressed but NOT crushed… November 7, 2012

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Today feels like a good day to start that novel I’ve always wanted to write! That’s the best way to describe how many thoughts and feelings have overcome me this morning after the result of last night’s election. After months of believing that today would be the end of the disastrous previous 4 years of Obama, we, as a country, have re-elected him to another 4 years. We, as a family, a state (TN), and almost as a majority, did not, but as the law of the land and electoral college votes, he has been re-elected.

I just stood in the middle of my dining room worshiping the King of Kings. Yahweh! It is at his NAME that we move and breath and have LIFE! The lyrics of a great song brings absolute peace;

At your name; the morning breaks in glory, creation sings your story, angels will bow, the earth will rejoice, your people cry out…

No matter what, these are truths! Every day that we have to live on this earth, no matter who sits in the Oval Office or the Senate. No matter who gets up day after day to go to work so that people can continue collecting free hand outs; No matter how many soldiers have died in combat, whose wives and children have mourned their loss; And no matter how many precious unborn babies will never see the goodness of this earth outside their mother’s womb…THESE ARE STILLL TRUTHS! Yahweh Yahweh, we love to shout your name ALWAYS!

We went to bed feeling like we’d been socked in the gut and woke up this morning heartsick for our country. My conclusion about this election is that people voted to support the social issues that this president advocates. Namely, the right for gay people to marry each other and the right for women to kill their unborn children. I believe that by in large, the people who are educated on more than just social issues, are american enough to believe in jobs, appropriate take home pay, education for their children, reasonable prices on everyday things like gas and groceries, honor for our military and for heaven’s sake—HEALTHCARE!!! That is why, I am confident that Obama won this election on social issues. And also why I am confident that now more than ever, we are engaged in a SPIRITUAL BATTLE!

I am thankful that I know where my allegiance lies and that I know who the King of Kings is. My God sits on His throne no matter what and because of saving grace and the sacrifice that my Jesus made on the cross, I get to meet with the King whenever I want. My God is real and He knows my name.

Those are the primary thoughts that I have this morning.

My other thoughts are related to the mortal things of this world. Sure, these things will pass and it’s easy to suggest that because of them, I am longing for my heavenly home, but alas, God has not called me there yet so I will choose to honor God and trust him as long as I am here.

For the past month or so, I’v been in a full out wrestling match with God. I wonder when I’m under the strength of his authority, why I ever choose to fight. I guess I’m as stubborn as they come and God loves me enough to engage in the match. To sum it up, it has become clear to me that God is moving me in the direction of advancing my education. And as if I needed more confirmation, I got it last night.

The result of this election means that Obamacare will become a law to be enforced in this great country. That means a lot of changes for the future of healthcare and depending on who you talk to, I suppose it’s debatable whether those will be positive changes or not. I fear that nurses will be at risk of being laid off, creating an even greater patient safety problem and increasing gap in the shortage for patient care. And I fear that this huge demographic of seniors entering the time of their lives that demands the greatest healthcare need, will be underserved and neglected. And the care that is available to them through primary care doctors will be unaffordable. These are my parents, my husbands parents, my aunts and uncles, my friends parents who loved me like their own growing up, people that I love! And I intend to take care of them!!!

There are many ways to respond when a race doesn’t go in your favor. That’s true in any event in which a winner is declared. Growing up in a sports family, my brother and I were taught the value of being a gracious loser. Nobody ever wins every competition in their lives and in many instances, losing causes you to be an even better competitor in consecutive competitions.

This election feels like a loss to us, to me. But instead of wallowing around blaming and finger pointing at all the reasons that we didn’t win, I am choosing to step up and be responsible for me, my family, my future. It makes me think of the scripture out of 2 Corinthians that says, “we are pressed by not crushed…”! If I lie down and pretend that the result of this election means that I have been stripped of my abilities and my god given talents to continue to make a difference in the people and community around me, then yes, I lose! But choosing to rise up and make the difference that I can as one individual means no matter what, I WIN! It means I’m still American and until my freedoms are stripped from me, I will SURVIVE!

Obamacare is likely to change the trajectory of our healthcare system in irreversible ways. It’s foolish to think that some won’t be well served, or at least have the illusion that they are being well served, but over time, the changes that will take place will change America. They will change the way we live and receive the type of healthcare that has become standard for us. So, instead of trying to toss a pebble into the spokes of this already spinning tire, it’s time for us, as healthcare providers to figure out how to make the best of this grim situation. The future of affordable healthcare is with well trained and qualified advanced practice nurses. I believe this to my core!

When I made the decision to follow my grandma’s and mom’s footsteps into the world of healthcare and nursing, I never dreamed it would lead me here. Over the past 12 years, my passion for the patient has burned and my loathing of the system has run parallel. To all of my nurse and healthcare friends, I say to you that our patients need us more than ever! We became nurses because we love people. But we are about to be even more hindered and bonded to a broken system that will act like a barrier between us and the people that we are here to serve. Every institution that we will ever work in will continue to preach “patients first”, but carrying this out is becoming more and more difficult. I am choosing to take matters into my own hands and stop relying on an ever increasingly cracked and broken system. I will advance my education and my degree to whatever measure that I need to in order to continue serving people effectively. God has not led me down this path in vain. I choose to serve Him first. I cry out to Him to lead me and reveal and use my gifts for His glory, for His people! WE ARE NOT CRUSHED!


One Response to “Pressed but NOT crushed…”

  1. Beth Muehlhausen Says:

    Loved your thoughts, Erin. Re: healthcare, I’m inspired to practice as much preventative care as possible and help others know more about stewarding their bodies. We all need to “go there” anyway, but it’s even more important, now. How great it would be if we could encourage each other to eat well (maybe even buy a juicer – wa-hoo!), exercise daily, etc.

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